Guidelines for Holders of Housing Choice Vouchers

HavenBrook Homes welcomes applicants with Housing Choice vouchers from participating housing authorities. When applying for a HavenBrook home, please keep in mind that our approval process, combined with the approval process of the housing authority, may take longer than the remaining time on your voucher.

If necessary, please ask your housing authority for an extension and let us know the next extension date. If you do not qualify for an extension, and there is any delay in finding you a completed home at a rent that is appropriate for you, then you risk losing your voucher assistance.

We work closely with the housing authorities to approve all processes in a timely manner. However, there are times when scheduling issues are out of our control and we cannot guarantee you housing before the expiration of your voucher.

If you decide to apply today, please provide a copy of your current housing choice voucher along with all other necessary documents requested for application processing. See Rental Qualification Requirements for details.