Holding Fee Policy

The $500 holding fee is optional throughout the application process. However, the holding fee allows you to secure a place in the property queue prior to submitting a completed application. Applicants paying a holding fee during the application process have 48 hours to submit all documentation per application instructions before being removed from the property queue. The $500 holding fee is refundable until your application is approved on the property of your choice. Once the holding fee is paid on the home of choice you will not be allowed to transfer the holding fee to another home. An additional holding fee will be required to transfer your application to a new home of choice, and the original holding fee will become non-refundable.

The holding fee becomes nonrefundable once the application is approved. The holding fee may be credited towards the security deposit or other initial fees on any property for which the applicant qualifies and no holding fee currently exists. Approved applicants must log in to the application in order to confirm details of the lease. All applicants are required to place a holding fee prior to having a lease generated within 24hrs of approval.

If you have not visited the home, please note that the Holding Fee will be refunded in the event the home does not meet your needs. Please note that a decision on whether the home meets your needs is due within 24 hours of viewing the home. If you have not communicated to cancel the lease within this time frame, the Holding Fee will be forfeited.