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HavenBrook Homes FAQs

This page is divided into three sections: Applicants and Prospective Residents, Current Residents, Resident/ Rent Payment Portal and Maintenance Questions. Don't see the information you need? Give us a call.

Applicants & Prospective Residents

Is my application fee refundable?

Application fees cover the costs of processing applications and are non-refundable regardless of outcome or deposit requirements.

Do I need to pay an application fee for every home I apply for?

Application fees allow applicants to apply for multiple properties within a 60-day period.

What forms of payment do you accept for the application fee?

We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover credit or debit cards. If you do not wish to pay with a credit card or traditional debit card, please note that pre-paid Visa or MasterCard Green Dot cards are also accepted. (For information on obtaining a Green Dot card, click here.)

How long does the application process take?

HavenBrook Home’s application process usually takes 1-2 business days. This timeframe begins after the applicant has completed the application (all applicants must have uploaded all required documentation). Please visit our “Apply” tab for more information on this process.

How do I know if I qualify to rent a HavenBrook Home?

Before applying, we recommend reviewing our Qualification Requirements by clicking here.

Does HavenBrook accept applicants with previous felony convictions?

Application(s) will be denied for any felony conviction within the last seven (7) years. Any felony conviction for any type of fraudulent activity, assault/battery charges, sexual crimes and/or violent crime(s) may be denied regardless of time. Misdemeanors may also be cause for denial based on the nature of the offenses.

Does HavenBrook accept applicants with previous evictions?

Landlord/tenant cases filed within the last three years will be cause for automatic denial. Certain filings beyond three years may disqualify you from renting a HavenBrook home once a detailed review is completed.

How do I know I have secured my home?

You have secured your home once you have signed the lease and submitted all funds due required per the lease agreement. HavenBrook also provides the option to reserve a home for 48hrs by paying a $500 holding fee, which will hold the home for 48hrs while you gather your documents and submit with your online application.

When do I need to pay my security deposit?

A $500 holding fee is due upon application approval which will secure the home and allow us to generate a lease. Please be sure to read the holding fee policy for all details.  Any remaining security deposit funds are due 72hr prior to lease start date, with no exceptions.

When do I need to sign my lease?

Leases need to be signed within 24 hours of when they’re generated, or there is a risk of forfeiting the home.

Does HavenBrook allow pets? What is the fee or deposit?

For approved pets, HavenBrook charges a non-refundable pet fee of $250 for each approved pet and a monthly rent of $25 (effective January 1st, 2018) for each approved pet. There is a limit of two domestic animals per household. Domestic animals include cats, dogs and small caged animals. Any pet considered to be of a violent breed such as Pit Bulls or any pet with a history of violent behavior may be prohibited.

What do I need to do in order to schedule my move in?

Your Leasing Kit (provided with your lease) can tell you more about scheduling your move in, how to set up utilities and where to send required documentation. Prior to scheduling move in, you must provide utility account numbers, full payment of security deposit as well as first month’s rent or prorated rent if move-in is any day other than the 1st. Please note that if your move in is after the 20th of the month, we will also require the next month’s rent.

Current Residents

Who do I call to renew my lease?

Please contact your property manager or utilize our contact us page and we will route you to the appropriate person for your market.

How do I contact HavenBrook Homes with a comment, question or complaint?

Your feedback is important to us. If you have a comment, question or complaint, please visit our Contact Us page.

What do I do if I want to move out?

Please contact your property manager or utilize our contact us page and we will route you to the appropriate person for your market.

How much notice to vacate do I need to give, and through what period will I be charged rent?

Notice provisions are included in your lease. If you are terminating a lease during the lease term, you may need to give up to 60 days notice and additional penalty charges may apply.

What is the process for receiving my security deposit refund and when will I get it?

Once you’ve done your walk-through, move out and returned your keys, the Property Manager will process paperwork to issue your deposit back to you up to 30 days following your walk-through inspection.

What happens if I want a satellite dish?

Please contact your Property Manager to find out if this is possible and to learn more about the process.